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About Us

I made a commitment during high school to reach out to people of all backgrounds. During college, my work during the school years and summers helped me grow as a manager. I adjusted my college major to improve my chances of getting a job during one of the worst job markets between the Great Depression and 2009.

While working in a business forecasting job for a major company, I was perhaps the only forecaster who predicted the imminent demise of our own jobs. That experience reminded me of my father's accurate predictions of business trends.

Immediately after college, I became determined to become a better manager of my own diet and health. Over forty years later, my waist size is nearly the same. I still walk and lift weights. My doctor told me I have excellent health in general and excellent circulation in particular, despite poor circulation running in my family.

I have been an IBM Certified Instructor and a trainer for a major telephone company. In 2005, I was one of five IBM-certified instructors to win an award for “Outstanding Customer Satisfaction” based on student evaluations.

I have numerous associates in information technology, training, résumé consulting, and Spanish translation services.